A Better Way to Listen

Our aim is to improve human connections by creating better ways to listen to each other.

How it Works

Watch the video

Byte-Sized Discovery

Each Synth is searchable, sharable, embeddable with dynamic transcriptions and playable back-to-back.


Use threads and comments in response to Synths to have conversations, not just passive listening experiences.

Listening Experiences

Assemble Podcasts from Synth soundbytes into listening experiences with tools for participation management, sharing and embedding.

Interactive Experiences

Or invite a whole class or team to a Podcast. Discuss topics on a one-time or ongoing basis. Keep it private or make it discoverable.

Just Listen

Listen to your Feed, a search topic or a Podcast back-to-back. Just click play, put your phone to sleep or minimize your browser and start connecting.

Learn how Synth promotes voice in education.