Bring Voice Beyond The Screen

Empower student and teacher voice by making it easier than ever to listen to each other and build conversations in bytes.

Video demands your focus and time to consume. This limits the potential of voice. Podcasting makes voice more convenient and approachable than ever before.

How to start a class podcast.

For Students

Support student podcast projects, foster collaboration by voice, provide opportunities to reflect, present evidence of thinking and more. Read more.

For Teachers

Find ways to listen more often to your students. Or collaborate with other teachers around the world with the convenience of voice. Read more.

Student Accounts

For students over 16, Synth is an authentic tool. Students under 16 have dedicated accounts with simplified workflows and special privacy considerations. How student accounts work.

Email not Required

Synth supports session-only use for first-time convenience and for the youngest learners without emails. It's browser based and works on any device. How session usage works.


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